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Committee Against Discrimination and Sexual Harassment


Policy Against Sexual Harassment

The University is committed to equal opportunity in academic pursuits and employment. Any form of discrimination or harassment will not be tolerated. The University shall take any and all necessary steps to eliminate and prevent its occurrence on campus.

Online Training


EOC “Online Training Module on Preventing Sexual Harassment on Campus”

Help create a safe campus together with us by learning through the online training module developed by Equal Opportunities Commission, co-funded by eight University Grants Committee-funded universities.  This online module aims to extend your knowledge on sexual harassment and give you practical steps to respond and intervene sexual harassment.

Please click here for details and registration.

Sharing from CUHK Community

Student Sharing Intern Ivan
Workshop on Experiencing Visual Impairment

The workshop is eye-opening and helps us to understand the life of people with visual impairment, their difficulties, and how to provide help for them. Workshop like such can raise public awareness and educate people on how to assist visually impaired people. Moreover, public places should be more inclusive by accepting guide dog and provide Braille.

Ito Shizue
Global Studies
D&I Ambassador

Student Sharing Intern Ivan
Diversity matters

Working at the DIO enables me to understand why we should care about diversity and inclusion, and ways to promote diversity and inclusion. Diversity helps to breed productivity, creativity & Innovation. More importantly, everyone deserves to be respected and have their uniqueness celebrated. It is a memorable and eye-opening experience for me. I will highly recommend this internship program to students who are interested in diversity and inclusion.

Ivan Tang
Department of Linguistics and Modern Languages
D&I Ambassador

Student Sharing Intern Ivan
Being a Student Intern at the DIO

Being an intern at the Diversity and Inclusion Office, I participated in a bunch of things, such as editing the leaflets, brainstorming for our next events and more. The small and new office is trying to do things and we just need to be a little bit more patient to finally see some changes. Overall, working there for roughly a month was a short and sweet experience, never thought working on campus would be that fun.

Jesslyn Luyan
School of Journalism and Communication
D&I Ambassador

Student Sharing Intern Ivan
Unforgettable Experience

All of my experiences as a D&I ambassador are unforgettable and I am now excited to think about how I can practice D&I. I will continuously make my best effort to comprehend any differences with my empathetic heart which is the best takeaway from D&I.

Nobutaka Kijima
Social Science
D&I Ambassador

Student Sharing Intern Ivan
Embracing Diversity

I am so happy to be part of the D&I Ambassador programme to learn about different cultures across the globe and become more open-minded throughout the workshops and engagement activities. I also had a very good time with other ambassadors, I love to exchange each other cultures through our interactions.

Tracy Wong
Cultural Studies
D&I Ambassador

Student Sharing Intern Ivan
Inspiring Cultural Adventure

Reflecting on my experience as a D&I ambassador, I must say it has been truly transformative. The programme provided a series of workshops and activities that not only broadened my understanding but also touched me on a personal level. Through these interactions, I gained profound insights into the challenges faced by different communities on campus and beyond. It was eye-opening to hear firsthand stories and experiences that highlighted the importance of fostering inclusivity.

Jolin Li
D&I Ambassador

Student Sharing Intern Ivan
Building Bridges of
Diversity and Inclusion

This programme enhances my understanding of diversity and inclusion through interactive workshops, talks and outdoor activities. I really enjoy being part of the ambassador family since all our members are very friendly, open-minded and respectful. I believe that we can create a more diverse and multicultural environment in the university by approaching people with different backgrounds and listening to their voices.

Yanni Kan
D&I Ambassador

Student Sharing Intern Ivan
Human Libary:
Understanding the SEN

The workshop provides us with in-depth knowledge about SEN. It was such a memorable experience to interact with people with SEN, helping us to foster mutual understanding. I have realised that they are just like us but with different ways of expressing emotion or living, and there is no right or wrong, it’s just how they live, as we do.

Oliver Yip
D&I Ambassador

Student Sharing Intern Ivan
Life with Deaf is Cool

Witnessing the resilience, positivity and strengths of deaf people first-hand is truly uplifting. Their outlook demonstrates inner peace and positivity from embracing one’s authentic self regardless of certain limitations. Diversity is about recognizing our shared humanity – that different languages (spoken language or sign language) and experiences do not diminish value, but rather enrich the community through new perspectives. A truly inclusive society embraces all people for who they are – it does not demand they change fundamental aspects of themselves to fit narrow norms.

Keying Wang
Faculty of Arts
D&I Ambassador

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Diversity and Inclusion Office supports the University’s commitment to fostering and maintaining the culture and environment for diversity and inclusion, including handling of complaints under the purview of the anti-discrimination ordinances.

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