Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee

Terms of Reference


To champion the University’s Policy on Diversity and Inclusion (“Policy”), to keep under review the Policy, to advance the Policy’s aims and objectives, and to ensure that any action plans derived therefrom are effectively implemented.


To oversee and monitor the University’s commitment to the Principles of Community (“Principles”) as set out in the Policy, and to develop strategies to promote the Principles by means of educational / training / professional development programmes, sharing of best practices, publicity campaigns, celebratory events / activities, communication with stakeholders, etc.


To receive reports and updates from its sub‐committees, the Diversity and Inclusion Office and (where appropriate) other units of the University on matters related to the Policy.


To make recommendations on targets and key performance indicators in connection with the University’s achievements in its diversity and inclusion agenda, for incorporation in the strategic planning process.


To submit a report to the AAPC at least annually, and to senior management as may be requested from time to time on specific aspects of the Committee’s remit.



• Professor Nick Rawlins, Pro-Vice-Chancellor


• Professor Sham Mai-har, Pro-Vice-Chancellor


Associate Vice-President (Education) (ex officio)
• Professor Chan Sun-on

1 College Head and 1 College Master appointed by the Vice-Chancellor on the nomination of the College Heads / Masters
• Professor Kwan Mei-po, Head of Chung Chi College
• Professor Nick Rawlins, Master of Morningside College

1 Faculty Dean appointed by the Vice-Chancellor on the nomination of the Deans
• Professor Tang Xiaobing, Max, Dean of Arts

2 Faculty members appointed by the Vice-Chancellor
• Professor Ou Dongshu, Associate Professor, Department of Educational Administration and Policy
• Dr Tian Jie, Jenny, Senior Lecturer, School of Hotel and Tourism Management

1 non-academic staff member appointed by the Vice-Chancellor
• Dr So Ching-yee, Gloria, Deputy Director, University Health Service

University Dean of Students (ex officio)
• Professor Ko Wing-hung

Director of Human Resources (ex officio)
• Ms Corinna Lee

Director of Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development (ex officio)
• Mrs Cecilia Lam

2 student representatives nominated one each by the Selection Panel of University Committees and Postgraduate Student Association
• Ms Tung Man-lok, BSc in Biomedical Sciences (undergraduate student representative)
• Ms Kong Fanxi, MSc Environmental Information, Health & Public Management (postgraduate student representative)


Co-chairpersons of the Sub-Committee on Women Academics
• Professor Sham Mai-har
• Professor Anthony T.C. Chan

Chairperson of the Committee Against Discrimination and Sexual Harassment
• Professor Lee Tan

Chairperson of the Special Educational Needs Service Coordinating Committee
• Professor Ko Wing-hung


Director, Diversity and Inclusion Office (ex officio)
• Ms Lily Chung

(1 March 2024)